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Triple Trouble

Trouble Comes in Threes / Storm Warning
(A book in the Triple Trouble series)
An omnibus of novels by

Triple Trouble, Vol. 1 (This book contains book 1 in the series, "Trouble Comes in Threes," and book 2 in the series, "Storm Warning.")

Trouble Comes in Threes: Triple Trouble 1 [Menage Amour 49: Erotic Paranormal Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, Shape-shifter]

Elain Pardie worked hard to become a TV news reporter. When a huge, black wolf-like dog with green eyes jumps into her news van, Elain has no idea her life will drastically change.

Aindreas, Brodey, and Cailean Lyall aren't just triplets--they're Alpha shape-shifters running a Florida cattle ranch. They've never found their One, the woman destined to be their mate. Until the day of the Arcadia Highland Games, when both Brodey and Cailean lock onto Her scent. Brodey shifts and gives chase, then goes home with Elain and confirms she is their One.

When Prime Alpha Aindreas mistakenly thinks Elain's already taken and refuses to use force to claim and mark her, Brodey and Cailean must resort to trickery to learn the truth about the wedding ring Elain wears and work to convince her that triple trouble could very easily put her into seventh heaven in their arms.

Storm Warning: Triple Trouble 2 [Menage Amour 63: Erotic Paranormal Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, Shape-shifters]

Elain Pardie never realized giving a lift to a lost wolf would lead to mating with the hunky Lyall triplet shape-shifter brothers. Then Prime Alpha Aindreas lays down an edict requiring her to quit her TV reporter gig, but his brothers, Beta Alpha Brodey and Gamma Alpha Cailean are on Elain's side.

When Elain runs to escape his edict, Aindreas realizes his heavy-handed tactics have driven away the woman the three brothers sought for centuries to love. Distraught over failing his Prime Alpha duties to keep their mate happy, Aindreas disappears, determined to break his bond with Elain so she can at least find happiness with Brodey and Cailean.

The problem is, with a major hurricane on the way, Aindreas is desperately needed at their Florida cattle ranch. Even though Aindreas is in Elain's doghouse, she loves him and won't let her Prime wolf off his leash. But can she find him in time?

** A Siren Erotic Romance

The correct reading order for the Triple Trouble series, including prequels, is as follows:

Boiling Point (Tasty Treats, Vol. 3) (Prequel)

Steam (Prequel)

Fire and Ice (Prequel)

Trouble Comes in Threes (Book 1)

Storm Warning (Book 2)

Three Dog Night (Book 3)

Triple Dog Dare (Book 4)

Out of Smoke and Ashes (Book 5)

A Wolf in the Fold (Book 6)

Triple Cross (Book 7)

Power of Three (Book 8)

By the Embers Dies the Fire (Book 9)

The Fire Road (Book 10)