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Hunting Passions

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Long ago, the Lord of Eahrington gave sanctuary to two clans of shapeshifters: were-wolves and were-falcons. In payment for this protection, each clan sent one of their young to the Lord as tribute, a tradition that continued through the generations to this day. But William, the newest Lord of Eahrington, a modern man living a medieval life, distrusts shapeshifters, and as far as he's concerned, his intended "Hunting Pair" are less than human. So when were-wolf Christoffer and were-falcon Mirela arrive at William's home, he treats them like animals, locking them away. What William doesn't expect, however, is his attraction to each of their human forms.

Yet William must learn to trust the falcon and wolf sides of Mirela and Christoffer before he can open his heart to their human halves. And with three hearts engaged, jealousies are soon at play, with one were-beast even willing to betray the other in a bid for William's love. Destined to be together forever, the trio's only hope at happiness is to learn to love one another. But can William overcome his prejudices and look upon Mirela and Christoffer as anything other than animals?

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