book cover of Sudden Surrender

Sudden Surrender

(The second book in the How I Met My Master series)
A Novella by

Elliot has spent years completely focused on his studies, giving up almost every chance at a social life in the process. Now, moving to a new university to study for a post-graduate degree has given him the perfect chance at a fresh start. He hasn't quite worked up the courage to visit the leather club just off campus, but he's determined not to be a complete hermit. An advert for a light-hearted outdoor event that promises the chance to meet other students seems like the perfect way to begin.

Parry has never had any patience with the stupid hazing nonsense that takes place with every fresh intake of students. He only ever signs up in order to keep an eye on things and make sure nothing gets out of hand. He has no intention of actually getting involved in silly student games - not until he spots Elliot being led, bound and helpless, through the forest.

Please Note: This is the second edition of this title. It was previously released under the title Elliot's War and as part of the Gaymes Anthology. This edition has been re-edited and re-worked to form part of the How I Met My Master... Collection, but it has not been extended.

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