book cover of Epsilon Mate

Epsilon Mate

(The first book in the Epsilon Omegaverse series)
A novel by

She was mine. Mine to take. Mine to control. Mine to command. My omega. And I would make her obey.

Twenty-five years ago, a radiation storm hit my home planet, Epsilon, killing most of the omegas. The only way to protect our babies was to send them away into space. But the mission was sabotaged, the newborn omegas were lost. Alphas have searched across the galaxy for them ever since the storm passed.

Now, they are adults. And I will find them. I have narrowed down their destination to a distant planet called Earth.

I stop for food and find a lost omega working in a fast-food kitchen. Once I catch her scent, there is no other choice. I claim my virgin omega over and over. I will keep knotting with her until she carries my child. She is my soulmate. With every moment we spend together, our bond deepens.

But attempts on her life reveal a traitor on my ship. How can I protect my mate from a dark conspiracy?

This story is set in the open-source Omegaverse universe. It features alphas, betas, and omegas, both male and female. Steam, tea, space battles and badass tall alien dudes with tattoos! If that’s your thing this book is for you!

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