book cover of Sexy Beast II

Sexy Beast II

(The second book in the Sexy Beast series)
An omnibus of novels by

They're powerful, sensual men who are on the prowl, looking for the perfect mate - a woman willing to embrace adventure beyond the imagination, and explore her wildest, most uninhibited side...

Jacob, Baylor, and Shannon are an ancient sensual race of shapeshifters known as the Chanku. Now as these pack-mates journey to a special wedding celebration for Tia and Lucien on the beach in San Francisco, their stories of secret, feral power and scorching eroticism will ignite your most alluring fantasies as well as a hunger that demands sweet satisfaction...

Chester Shields is much more than the sexy guy in the next cubicle - he's a member of a sacred race of powerful, mysterious dragons. Kat is not so sure what to make of the erotic mind games Chester's playing. But he's exposing her deepest desires - and leading her into a world of sensual pleasure that defies explanation...

Big game photographer Kasi Stewart returns to the mountains of Japan in search of a mysterious tiger that saved her during a snowstorm when she was a child. In his remote cabin, Yuki Shirotora, descended from a nearly extinct line of White Tigers, leads Kasi into his exotic world of untamed sensuality...

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