book cover of Cauldrons & Curses

Cauldrons & Curses

(Book 13 in the Holiday series)
A Novella by

Look for the star…


I’ve traveled to this small town to find the Stone Island Witch, but I soon discover she’s gone. What I find in her place is a hot mayor, and decades of folklore and bedtime stories. Then, the feel-good story I was sent to town to write takes a dark turn when the bodies of young women who look just like me start popping up in the forests and creeks around the area. Is someone angry at me for writing my story on the witch, or did I bring this nightmare with me? Can I trust the one man who might be able to save me or is he the monster lurking in the shadows ready to make this Halloween a very dark one that I won’t come back from? Oh, did I mention I only have two weeks to come up with all the answers or the whole town will suffer because of it. No pressure, right? I’m going to need a whole lot more than luck to make this Halloween a sweet treat instead of a horror story.


I have magic in my blood. But nothing I foresaw could have prepared me for the sexy little reporter who came to my town to find my mother. What she gets instead is me… I’m the witch of our island now. And I have to find a way to use what and who I am to save Nova because something tells me that if anything happens to her… I’ll follow. No matter whether either of us likes it or not, we’re connected - entwined destinies that can’t be broken apart. But how far am I willing to go to keep my soulmate safe and how far will I take this overwhelming need to protect her? As far as I need to because she’s my other half…I just have to find a way to show her, so she’ll stay.

Black cats and ancient evil, spells and curses, that’s right it’s Halloween, everyone! And if you are looking for a witchin’ good romance for the holiday season here it is! Nate and Nova are hotter than a bubbling cauldron and their love will have you believing in magic. But is it enough to conquer the darkness coming their way? You bet your broomsticks it is! So, hold on to your potion and settle down with Cauldrons and Curses, the new Holiday Series stand-alone. It’s a guaranteed Happy Ending that will leave you haunted in all the right ways!

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