book cover of All Bottled Up

All Bottled Up

A novel by

Call center worker Viola White makes a living selling dream vacations. Too bad her own life is a litany of unfilled fantasies. Prime examplethe boss she pines for barely knows she exists. Now that shes won a trip to a Mexican beach resort, though, she vows to shake things up. Instead she winds up alone, empty handed and with a sore toe from the beautiful bottle shes tripped over. A bottle thats purple, goldand stuffed with over six feet of blue-eyed, black-haired hunk. If anyone could teach her how to seduce her boss, its this sexy genie. Jerod cant believe his bad luck. Three thousand years of granting frivolous wishes, and now hes stuck playing matchmaker. A series of sensual lessons later, he finds theres something different about this shy Viola. Something that tempts him to try to break free of his curse and make a life for himselfwith her. All he has to do is convince Viola that the man of her dreams is a dud. And the right man for the job of loving her is a genie.

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