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Demons, ghosts, and paranormal phenomena run rampant in Kangaroo Creek, Australia and a young woman is caught in a maelstrom of danger she may not survive. Shadow Whispers, from awarding winning erotic paranormal romance author Lexxie Couper is a spine-tingling thriller that will keep you turning the pages of this paranormal erotic horror romance.

Lust. Desire. Danger.


Jared died twenty years ago. Now he's trapped between Heaven and Hell, sent back again and again to protect those whose time has not yet come. Never before has he been tempted by the desires of mortal flesh. But then, he never had to watch over Tess Darcy before. For Tess he'll break every rule, even if it costs him his immortal soul.

Haunted by nightmares of the stalker who nearly killed her, Tess has buried herself deep in the Australian Outback to escape her past. But Kangaroo Creek isn't quite the quaint little town it looked on the map. Nothing is what it seems here. Every night, the same incredibly sensual dreams visit her, leaving her wanting more. The Librarian's channeling demons, and assures Tess the handsome hunk she just ran into is dead. The bookstore seems to have rather unusual clients, and destroyed photos have a way of reappearing over and over again.

Other than that it's a peaceful little town...until the man who nearly killed her returns from the dead. Is Jared the man of her dreams? Can he save her from her nightmares, or will the magic that haunts this town consume them both?

This paranormal thriller contains demons, ghosts, paranormal phenomena, and adult situations; and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. If you're a fan of Australian Outback horror movies, Shadow Whispers is a must read!

"It was creepy, gave me chills, and made me check behind doors for days..." Amazon reviewer Chera Hudson.

Previously Published: (2014) 5x5 Publishing, Ellora's Cave

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