book cover of Love Under Two Masters

Love Under Two Masters

(Book 13 in the Lusty, Texas series)
A novel by

Daisy Kendrick knows she has but one chance to fix her life, and the lives of her former two masters. With the help of two other Doms-Jordan Fitzpatrick, owner of Reckless Abandon, and Robert Jessop of the Lusty, Texas, Jessops-Daisy lures Christopher Lyons and Rory Phelps to her side. Daisy will beg as she's never begged before, and give Christopher her ultimate trust by submitting to his whip. She knows it's her fault their relationship crashed and burned years before. Only she can fix it. Daisy soon learns, however, that things aren't quite as she believed them to be-and she's not the only one eaten with guilt, and not the only one who has a plan. Deserted, alone together and naked, it only remains to be seen whether or not three hearts can trump a load of pride, and if Daisy will realize her fondest wish, a lifetime of love under two masters.

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