book cover of The Purrfect Picture

The Purrfect Picture

(The second book in the Australian Shifters series)
A novel by

In the heat of the Australian summer, Tinder Munro has been sent to an obscure little town in the Australian bushland to uncover its secrets. What she never expects to discover is the devastatingly sexy Hawk Black, who seems very intent on embedding himself into Tinder's body, mind and soul.
Hawk, Panther shifter and beta of Black Town, volunteered to baby sit a photojournalist, only to discover the feisty red head his is true mate.
Now nothing will stop Hawk from getting into Tinder's life and keeping her just were she belongs, with him, in his arms. But when others discover the truth behind Black Town, they decide to make Hawk and Tinder pay a high price, in more ways than one.
Hawk races against time to save Tinder, and keep the secret of Black Town secure.

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