book cover of A Very Mountainville Valentine\'s Day

A Very Mountainville Valentine's Day

(Book 30 in the Lone Star Littles series)
A novel by

What do you get when you mix a sweet Little, a rough and tumble tight end Daddy, a forbidden romance, Eli, Katie, Stella, and the gang, along with some shenanigans?
You get Valentine’s Day in Mountainville. And you better hold on tight, cuties. It’s a wild one…

Ruth wants nothing more than to be with her best friend—the one she’s known since she was born. The one who protected her. Completed her. Loved her.
The one who became her Daddy.
But when her strict, televangelist father found out his daughter was a Little, he forbade the relationship. Now, Ruth hasn’t seen Ace Stanfield in years…except when she’s able to sneak a peek at the TV during football season. He’s a rock star tight end, dominating on the gridiron. But that’s not enough. Ruth needs him with her. Forever.
Ace feels the same way about her. But with no way to even contact Ruth, and the years between them piling up, how will it ever happen?
Enter the Mountainville gang. When Katie, Stella, Eli, and the others find out about these tragic events, they can’t let it stand. They’re going to make this right and give Ace and Ruth a second chance at love, no matter how many rules they have to break—and how much trouble they have to get in—to make it happen.

A Very Mountainville Valentine’s Day is a fast-paced, romantic adventure full of fun and mischief. It features consenting adults, consensual discipline, a bit of steam, intimate levels of care, and loads of fun. If you love second chances, forbidden romance, and all the shenanigans and pranks, then this is the story for you. Have fun, cuties!

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