book cover of Life With Mommy

Life With Mommy

(The second book in the Mommies of Maple Street series)
A novel by

Little Zach is back—and he’s living the life of his dreams with Mommy!

Zach was beginning to give up hope that he’d ever meet his Mommy. As a submissive Little, he’d nearly resigned himself to a life of only dreaming and longing. Then, one day, the most beautiful woman in the world wanders into his store, The Nostalgia Stop, browsing for merchandise…and more.
Zach suddenly found himself in a world of Aunties, Dommes, and Mommies.
His Mommy.
Now, happily married to Mommy Destiny, his life is more amazing than he’d ever dreamed.
But not everyone is happy. Someone is wanting to sabotage the union and knock the happy couple down.
Meanwhile, Zach is growing in his role as a submissive Little, exploring new and thrilling ways to honor and adore Mommy. How deep down the rabbit hole will he go?

If you’ve been waiting for the Mommies and Dominant Women to shine, this is your series! Life With Mommy—and the series The Mommies of Maple Street—feature STRONG, IN-CHARGE QUEENS who know how to keep Littles in line. It contains consenting adults engaged in Age Play, as well as power exchange dynamics such as discipline, tease and denial, and chastity. If you are not into submissive men and loving yet stern and dominant women, this is NOT the book for you.
If such is your cup of tea, then have fun! It’s a blast.
Please note: Each entry gets progressively kinkier. It’s best to start with the first entry in the series. Have fun, Cuties!

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