book cover of Dance for Daddy

Dance for Daddy

A novel by

I finally met a man who values me and treats me right. Too bad he’s my fiancé’s dad…

Arranged marriages are every bit as awful as they sound. I should know. My fiancé is an asshole who degrades me for his own amusement.

But I tolerate him because that’s what good little girls do when their mafia family demands it.

Dancing is my only solace. So, when my instructor breaks her leg and begs me to take her place at the burlesque club, I agree. I figured I’d leave a little richer. That’s all.

I got
way more than I bargained for.

When the masked man offered me cash for a private performance, I discovered two things about myself. First, I have a few kinks
I want to indulge in immediately. And…

My fiancé doesn’t call his father Daddy. But after this performance,
I sure as hell will.

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