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Daddies Know Best

A collection of stories by

Strong Alpha Daddies. Sweet, submissive Little girls. What more could you want? Get ready for some heat with this new collection of three previously published tales from bestselling author Amy Cummings!

Adaline Goes for Broke: Adaline Rogers struggles with self-esteem. She considers herself a Plain Jane that guys don't even look at and certainly don't want. So, she always plays it safe, choosing to remain on the sidelines rather than putting herself out there.
But when a chance encounter introduces her to three hot West Texas firefighters, the "same-old, same old" is out the window!
Luke, Chance, and Clint can sense Adaline is a submissive. But how will she respond when they try and make her their Little? Adaline, the shy, reserved Dallas schoolteacher finds herself in the middle of some steamy fun when these three men set their eyes on her. With these three loving, protective, and kinky Daddies around, Adaline must decide if she's going to play it safe or bet big and go for broke!
Adaline Goes For Broke is a fast moving, Insta-Love DDlg tale. It features consenting adults engaged in Age Play, including some discipline, a bit of diapers, and protective Daddies who love doting on their sweet Little. It is a standalone, Menage romance depicting an unconventional relationship with a guaranteed HEA. Please note: This is a HIGH HEAT story and is intended for adults only.

Training Tara: Tara is a submissive through-and-through. After approaching her husband, Zach, about embracing Domestic Discipline, she is thrilled when he turns her fantasies into reality. In fact, she's surprised at just how stern the man can be! But she still longs for something more. A forbidden desire stirs deep within-a desire she's never admitted to anyone, not even herself. After being introduced to Age Play through mutual friends, Zach decides to incorporate a few elements into his discipline. When his naughty wife acts like a baby, he figures treating her like a baby is just what the doctor ordered. The unique discipline leads to something else, but all is still not well. Tara fears Zach will never look at her the same. He wants a wife, right? Not a baby girl to care for. And Zach worries he'll blow it as a Daddy. Will Tara take his authority seriously if he admits his nervousness? The one thing both of them know is that they've opened Pandora's Box and there is no closing it! Training Tara is a fast-moving, slice-of-life story about a happily married couple. It contains Domestic Discipline (including spanking) and elements of BDSM. It features consenting adults engaged in Age Play and contains heavy ABDL themes (including diaper changes both wet and messy, invasive care, and adult nursing/lactation). It features a Nanny Domme. This book includes some steamy situations and is intended for adults only. If such stories offend you, please do not read or review. It is a standalone tale with a guaranteed HEA. Have fun!

Spring Training: A Major League Baseball player - six feet, four inches tall, packed with hard muscle. BIG everywhere and in every way. A young and inexperienced college student, assigned to interview him for the university newspaper. Sparks fly when all-star Stone Jacobs meets his sweet Olivia. Spring Training is a fast moving, Insta-love romance. It is a standalone story with a guaranteed HEA and a hot, caring yet stern Alpha Daddy and a sweet, inexperienced, never-been-touched young woman. It features consenting adults and contains DDlg themes and light spanking (but is NOT an ABDL tale). With plenty of steamy scenes, this one is strictly for ADULTS ONLY.

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