book cover of Win a Date with a Lizardman

Win a Date with a Lizardman

(The third book in the Happy Endings Dungeon series)
A Novella by

Alfie runs the only dungeon in Aropa that offers pleasure instead of pain, but what happens when a naughty nun visits in search of delights that don't break her vows? Can Alfie help her find a loophole?

Alfie Ivanhoe and his big, busty assistant Myssandra have helped shape a murderous dungeon into a pleasure spa for visiting women. Now the new management is facing an audit from Lord Heraxon and the Secret Society of Protectors. The other Dungeon Lords don't like Alfie's new methods and are calling a meeting at their secret Deep Shrine.

In order to save his hide, Alfie pays a visit to one of his uncle's former allies, a debonair urban Dungeon Lord named Ramone Brookwyne. He finds Ramone to be a friendly host, particularly towards Myssandra, but can Alfie persuade Ramone that his new ways are best? And why is Myssandra disappearing to the wine cellar with Ramone? And why is a sexy vampire nun hanging around Alfie so much?

Will he escape Ramone's dungeon with his dignity and his life or does one have to go? Will Alfie be able to satisfy the visiting hospitaller in his own dungeon? And is it okay to have a threesome with a monster involved?

Find out in the third steamy dungeon romp for adults only!

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