book cover of Willing Pleasure Slave to the Goblins

Willing Pleasure Slave to the Goblins

(The first book in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Ella's secret desire to be ravished by goblins became an obsession that drove her to the goblin inhabited island of Kurandan. As the young witch soon learned, there were many goblins on the island interested in a beautiful human.

The time has come for Ella to leave her apprenticeship with the wizard Severinn. She tells him she's going off to learn more magic in the world, but she sets her sights instead on the goblin-inhabited island far to the north. She has long harbored a fantasy of being captured and taken by goblins. A fantasy that has grown to overshadow all her other desires and aspirations.

She risks her life and journeys to Kurandan and soon encounters a hunting party of goblins. She is taken captive and surrenders eagerly to pleasuring one goblin, then the goblin chief, and then, in a glorious orgy of forbidden pleasures, she offers herself to the entire tribe. But indulging such perverse desires has consequences for Ella and for the other humans living on the mainland.

Will she come to her senses in time to escape the goblin chief's evil plan? Or will she help the goblins invade and enslave the humans of the mainland? This steamy erotic adventure is the the first standalone tale presented by the Library of Forbidden Pleasures.

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