book cover of Melody and the Hobo

Melody and the Hobo

(The ninth book in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

It's an all new (and very old) adventure for the Suburban Sex Kitten! Following her encounter with some hunky old timers in the train yard, Melody has become infatuated with one in particular by the name of Red. Can her secret lust for her so-called "Grandpappy" lead her into trouble or true happiness?

Melody Applebottom spent one long day going wild before college, but there are still a few weeks left in the summer before her first semester and she has been reunited with one of the men from her recent past. Red was one of several men living out of a train car and the memories she created with the old timer stuck with Melody. When she spots Red camped out in the park she decides on a whim to rekindle those passions. Thus begins a scorching hot affair for the college-bound blonde beauty and the white-haired bum more than four times her age.

Melody's days as a seductress might be over, but her summer fun is just heating up! This adventure serves as an epilogue to one of the many endings possible in Amanda Clover's interactive Suburban Sex Kitten Adventure. It is absolutely for adults only!

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