book cover of Future Filth

Future Filth

(The third book in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Astronaut Saira Wynn left earth to explore the planet of Proxima Centauri b. A mishap causes her to return home far later than expected and she discovers the ruins of earth inhabited by dangerous mutants, psychopathic freaks, and voracious monsters all hungering for her fertile flesh!

Bad Ends abound in this collection of nine horror shorts exploring the fate of the brave heroine Saira Wynn. These are tales of danger and lust and are definitely intended for adults only. This is a world of grave danger. Saira might face doom, madness, or enslavement in stories only to escape her fate in another. Perhaps she will even find pleasure among the ruins of mankind.

Beware! Future Filth offers no pity for the weak!

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