book cover of Faylana: The Cheating Elf is Fertile for the Beast Men

Faylana: The Cheating Elf is Fertile for the Beast Men

(Book 14 in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Faylana the Cheating Elf Girlfriend returns with another collection of filthy fantasy infidelity! Faylana and Caldric make a wager with a trio of horny beast men and it's winner takes the womb! Will Faylana be conquered by a pouncing tiger man, a panting wulfen, or an oinking pig man? Will Caldric come out on top? No, Caldric won't.

This collection of six connected shorts will take you on a journey of cuckolding, kinky voyeurism, monstrous pleasures, blasphemous breeding, and magical gender bending! Faylana surrenders all too readily to the temptation of pleasure. Can Caldric lure her back to his side or will he immerse himself in the deep waters of perversion to try to save his marriage? And what pleasures await them both in this latest book from the Library of Forbidden Pleasures?

Read on to find out to have those questions answered! Beware the filthy smut in this book! It is most definitely for adults only!

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