book cover of Daemonprey


(The eighth book in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Voluptuous college coed Miranda Garret's lewd longing has called out to forces from a realm of daemonic chaos. Monsters have transported her to their hellish world of lusty horrors and are hunting her for pleasure. Will she escape? Will she even want to escape?

Miranda has been searching for a man who can conquer her cravings for pleasure. Just when it seems that none exist, Miranda is conjured from our world to another. A daemon-filled realm of kinky pleasures and dangerous monsters. Three beastly daemons wager over which will claim her lusty body. The goat-headed Henx, the tentacle terror Vaizaok, and the portly pig man Prothus.

Other creatures lurk in this realm that have a say in the matter. From hungry plants, to wretched daemonic goblins, to giant spiders, to voraceous succubi, there is no place safe for a beautiful young human in a world of daemons. In a world such as this, pleasure can be more terrifying than pain.

Beware, mortals! Daemonprey is adult horror! It offers no pity for the weak!

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