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Deep Space Encounters

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Three out of this world romance novellas!

Fans of Firefly and Jupiter Ascending will love this 3 book box set by New York Times bestselling. This is your round trip ticket to travel through space and enjoy three epic romances.

Reclaiming Isis
Seven months ago, their bride disappeared but Tristan and Rafe never stopped looking for her. When no amount of money or searching produces results, they turn to each other for support.

Then a routine stop on Prime C delivers the shock of a lifetime. Isis doesn't remember the two men who claim she belongs with them, but her body certainly does.

With danger on their heels and an enemy who will stop at nothing to silence their triad, Rafe and Tristan must protect Isis while they fight to win her heart again.

Warning: Features two sinfully handsome mercenaries, a voluptuous woman, m/f/m pleasure and a love that will last a lifetime.

Rescuing Natacha
Hayln's mission is simple. Travel to PrimeC, rescue Natacha, bring her back to Isis on Planet Dornick. But he should have known that no mission goes exactly as planned, and no matter how prepared the spacemerc is, he's not prepared for Natacha. Or the long dormant feelings she inspires.

Isis says Natacha can trust the handsome stranger, but she's not sure she can trust herself. As her body withdraws from the gas used to brainwash the inhabitants of Prime C, Natacha becomes more passionate.

Hayln can't help but wonder if her lust is real... or a side effect? And just how long can a man be expected to stay out of her bed when she keeps begging him to join her?

Warning: A handsome spacemerc with nothing to lose plus a woman in the throes of overwhelming passion in a small space ship with one bed. You do the math.

The Virgin Princess's Rebellion
The lore says all Illuminarians have one true mate. Princess Azula runs away from an arranged marriage only to be kidnapped. When one of her rescuers turns out to be the man from her past that she can't forget, her true mate, she's shocked to find out he's already involved - with his handsome co-pilot.

Jace left Illuminaria, and Azula, in order to see the universe. He's tried to deny the lure of his mate, but now that she's only an arm's length away, how will he be able to deny himself and his lover of her kiss, her love, her touch?

Azula does the honorable thing and decides to return home without her mate, leaving him and Eli to enjoy their life together. But with no clothes and no money, she must depend on their goodwill. But will she succumb to their desire?

Warning: Be prepared for an ultra steamy m/m/f menage with paranormal elements. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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August 2015 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Deep Space Encounters (Sci Fi Romance)
Author(s): Selena Blake
Publisher: Ecila Media Corp
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU