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Nanny for the Bossholes

A novel by

I got dumped and fired for not making babies with my boss.
And now my only way to get revenge is to become a nanny for his enemies...

My plan for revenge was simple: Get a job with the Graves Brothers, my ex's biggest competitors.
Except the alphahole brothers thought my ex sent me as a company spy and refused to hire me!
I was all but defeated, when their sweet-as-pie niece demanded she wanted ME as her nanny.

Was I the most unqualified nanny in the history of nannies? Abso-FN-lutely!
But if there was a chance it could lead to a job with the Graves brothers, I was taking it.
I just never imagined these three arrogant brothers would bring me to my knees...

Zander, the oldest brother and CEO of their company, is so professional that he has the reputation for sleeping and screwing in his perfectly tailored suits. I HATE how my body responds to all of his commands.

Kyrin, the least professional of the brothers, is all swagger and cowboy hats. One look from him could melt any woman’s panties. He makes it his goal to break me like a horse, and it feels like defying gravity not to submit.

Knight, Kyrin’s twin, has a mile-wide ego and a smile that should be illegal. He’s determined to prove that I am incapable of working for them, but whenever another man looks my way, his possession over me flares.

I wasn’t supposed to catch feelings for them. I wasn’t supposed to become their GOOD little girl.
Now that my revenge plan is in motion, my ex is trying to frame me for a crime and tear me and the brothers apart.

And the men I’ve grown to love? They don’t believe I’m innocent.
I guess I'll have to show them just how BAD this little nanny can be….

18+ Only. HEA guaranteed!

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