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(The second book in the Sons of Gunnmarr series)
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Lilliana Dawson is bored, unemployed, and wandering through her life with no real sense of direction. When her uncle, a solicitor, offers her a chance to make a little extra money, she agrees to take an antique map to Norway and deliver it on his behalf.

When she arrives at her destination, though, she finds herself in the presence of a very eccentric woman who is more concerned with dinner than the map she'd demanded be hand delivered. One moment, Lilliana is sitting down to eat the fare, the next, she is lost in a strange land and chained to a wall by a sexy beast of man.

The second son of King Gunnmarr, Benedikt, has spent centuries alone, banished by a witch who wanted to punish his father for his greed. He's used his time wisely, learning to read and write. But when the beautiful blonde shows up, he's not sure whether to kill her, or bend her over and have his way with her.

It's a good thing he has lots of chains in reserve, for whichever decision he makes.