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(The first book in the Sons of Gunnmarr series)
A novel by

Scholar Venise Stewart traveled to Norway to interview a retired professor who has interesting ideas on Scandinavian folk tales. When she arrives at the woman's house, though, she gets an odd feeling that something isn't quite right. When she's pushed into a chair and lands in a snow bank, she's not sure what's going on except that some crazy bald man is now chasing her through a forest.

Rugoff, the oldest son of the greedy King Gunnmarr, has been banished to another realm by a witch whom the king betrayed. Rugoff has spent hundreds of years by himself, and he's amazed when a woman lands outside his dwelling. Now all he has to do is capture her, convince her that he means her no harm, and then take her to his bed.

How hard can it be to capture the willing?