book cover of Their Tygress

Their Tygress

A Novella by

Three tiger princes find their lost princess, and they’re never letting her go…

Exhausted after a double shift at the diner, Kimber Leigh falls asleep in her crappy apartment, only to wake up on a strange planet surrounded by huge, ferocious tigers.

They’re licking her awake and purring as if they found a delicious treat. Turning into a tiger snack was not on her to-do list today, but they don’t hurt her.

Instead they start talking, and things really get weird.

Doing her best not to freak out, she listens to the tigers’ tale about their world, Dhalmaria, and the four tribes of Tygers. Each tiger is a prince of his tribe, and they believe she’s the lost princess of the fourth tribe. Which is certainly ridiculous, because she’s human. Isn’t she?

When the tigers shift into three gorgeous men determined to claim their lost Tygress, she may never wake up from this fantastic dream.

Because they’re never letting her go…

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