book cover of Queen\'s Crusade

Queen's Crusade

(The first book in the Their Vampire Queen Returns series)
A novel by

Shara Isador’s back for justice… and Blood.

Her first match with the queen of Rome might have temporarily ended in a draw, but she has plenty of other battles brewing. Taking her seat at the Triskeles Triune brings immense new power to House Isador.

And for a vampire queen, with great power comes great hunger.

To sustain and feed her new power, she needs more Blood. Desperately. Before the Dauphine can attack her nest again.

She already turned Shara’s dead mother into a walking zombie to send a nasty message. Now it’s her turn to send a message to the Dauphine—and anyone who messes with her family. In the brutal game of queens, Shara plays for love.

What this queen takes, she loves, and what she loves, she keeps for all time.

Don’t mess with her loved ones. Because she will protect them. No matter the cost.

The Dauphine can’t escape this time.

House Isador rides to war, and the last Templar knight carries Shara Isador on the greatest crusade this world has ever known.

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