book cover of Pregnant Perversions

Pregnant Perversions

A Novella by

Christine is 37 weeks pregnant and she won't let her swollen belly and engorged breasts get in the way of seducing her hot gynecologist.

She doesn't stop there, her womb is filled multiple times by multiple guys, this raunchy tale will leave you wishing you were pregnant!

Here's a taste of what's waiting inside:

--She could feel her eyes roll back into her head as she focused solely on his touch. She had forgotten about the cold room, the crumpled paper on her back, and the cold metal stirrups still holding her legs.
He began to slowly play with her opening, rubbing his two fingers gently around the hole. She could feel that she was sopping wet already. He didn't even need to use the lubricant. He ran his fingers back up to her clit and gently increased the pressure as he massaged around her swollen erogenous zone.
She let out a deep moan as an uncontrollable surge of pleasure shot from the tips of his fingers and flooded throughout her entire body. His warm, wet touch was all that mattered to her at this moment. Her huge round belly surged up and down as her breathing became heavier and faster.--

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