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Doms of Submission

A Novella by

The Doms of Submission

After a lifetime roughing it in the bayou, Lisette is finally living her dream in New Orleans. But when a terrible accident befalls her during Mardi Gras, she finds herself whisked into a dark world of twisted sexual fantasies and unthinkable ugliness. Who is her mysterious captor, and how much of his sadistic erotic experimentation can she take?

Lisette finds herself in a world of confusion, pain, and desire when she awakes from her troubled sleep. Terror floods through her veins when she realizes that she's locked in a sex dungeon. Her fate now lies in the hands of something not quite human, a strong, beautiful man... with an unforgiving dark side.

Her mind is awash with feelings of fear and despair but as she learns more about the mysterious man a secret part of her wants to be pushed to the edge, she wants him to test the limits of what her body and mind can withstand.

When a dangerous force threatens Lisette, Andrew feels helpless to keep her safe. But with the help of a powerful outside force, he is finally able to overcome the beast. But will his transformation come in time to save Lisette? The monster has already had his way with her delicate human body...

Doms of Submission is a thrilling erotic romance Novel full of explicit scenes of sexual depravity, rough sex and BDSM. Join Lisette in this world of sex-crazed shifters, strong, commanding, dominant male lovers.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

This time Lisette spit out a “Yes, Master!” and licked her lips, tasting herself. She wanted to spit on him, but she knew that she was in no position to become rebellious now. It did occur to her that someday she might have an opportunity to turn the tables on this man, and how much she would enjoy that day.

Joseph loved every minute he had punishing this uppity broad. What he really loved was that he had gotten her permission to dominate her. Once again he gripped the flogger. Only this time, he began to use the handle to tease her pussy. He never tried to enter her with it, but ran its hard leather handle through her dripping slit.

The swollen flesh was beautiful to him. He watched her face as he continued the tease, but if she were receiving any pleasure she was not showing it to him. He wanted her to react. He pulled the handle away and began to explore the hot wet folds with his fingers. As he found her clit, he began to knead it with his thumb and forefinger, then slid two fingers inside of her. This did elicit a response from her, which made him desire more.

“So, the filthy slut likes to be finger fucked,” he snorted, and continued to push his fingers farther up in her canal.

Within seconds she spewed a stream of fluid that ran down her legs. While the achievement of his efforts filled him with confidence and satisfaction, his response to her was one of disgust.

“Now look at the mess you made, bitch. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

He drew back and began to flog her again and again. He had become so involved with his punishment that he no longer was being careful with the intensity of his strikes and the size of the welts he was raising on her body. He also had become deaf to the volume and intensity of her cries and screams.

Lisette was unable to control the cries and screams wrenched from her by the constant sting of the flogger. Each time the leather tentacles struck her tender flesh, they burned her more than the last. Finally, she bravely shouted at Joseph that he had to stop. He was so shocked by her plea that he held the flogger back, looking at her in disbelief.

“Did you speak to me, bitch?” he asked incredulously. “Did you forget how you should address me?”

“Master... please don't stop,” She whispered to him.

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