book cover of Doing the Doc: Exam Room Seduction

Doing the Doc: Exam Room Seduction

Straight male gay seduction
A Novella by

Chase is the new doctor in town and is still getting used to his new town and new coworkers. He soon realizes that he has uncontrollable sexual feelings for his attractive male nurse. The nurse subtly seduces Chase and shows him what it's like to experience the warmth of another man. Chase quickly forgets about his wife as the sexual feelings he's been suppressing his whole life come alive!

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:
Curious despite himself, and against his better judgment, he quietly moved down the narrow lane, an alley hemmed in on either side by brown-brick buildings. As he softly approached the two, he realized both men's pants were down around their ankles. By the glint of starlight, he could make out the smooth, well-formed buttocks of the one man. He was fucking the other. His ass muscles flexed with the effort.
Chase was amazed. The two were fucking right there in plain sight, both grunting and groaning in their growing sexual fervor. When the one doing the rutting rose up slightly and Chase saw a head of blond hair, he realized it was Mark doing the screwing.
Chase couldn't help himself. He had to get closer. Already, he had a full erection at the sight. It was just so animal, so basic, no foreplay at all. It was just raw male fucking, and without any of the niceties women usually demanded. And it was a hell of a turn-on for him.
He was so close to them now. Chase stood just on the other side of the trashcan from them. The view was perfect. Mark stood with his back to Chase, his legs spread as far apart as his downed trousers would allow. Chase could see Mark's pendulous nut sack swinging back and forth between his thighs. He glimpsed the underside of a gleaming, hard, slick cock, as the shaft drove in and out of the other's butt crack. Where Mark's ass was smooth, the other man's ass was hairy, but both sets of buttocks were firm, well formed, and masculine.
The steady "slap-slap" sound of balls against ass, the repeated coarse moans of both men as they fucked away like dogs in heat, overwhelmed Chase. Without thinking, without even being aware he was doing it, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his own rampant, eight-inch piece of meat. With his right hand, without even spitting on it for lubrication, he began jerking his cock, relying only on the few, oozing drops of pre-cum to ease the burn of friction.

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