book cover of Taming His Bratty Stepdaughter

Taming His Bratty Stepdaughter

(The first book in the Professor Stepdaddy series)
A Novella by

Marilyn needs to be taught a lesson. She just never imagined who would be doing the teaching.

Marilyn isn’t good at paying attention in class. It’s her first semester of college, and she’d rather daydream about boys and text a lewd picture of herself to her boyfriend across the room.

Except the picture never make it to her boyfriend’s inbox. And her professor, Austin Caldwell, isn’t amused with her distractedness.

Mare thought she could get an easy A . . . because Austin also happens to be her stepdad. But once they’re alone back at the house, Professor Caldwell is ready to teach her some tough love.

When it’s through, bratty girl Marilyn will learn an important lesson in discipline, respect, submission . . . and knowing her place beneath the man of the house.

(Warning: Contains strong language and explicit scenes.)

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