book cover of Summer and Autumn

Summer and Autumn

(The second book in the Seasons of Pleasure series)
A novel by

Summer Pleasures: The Capture (Seasons of Pleasure #3) Lilane wants Sudhraian blood on her blade for what they did to her fiance and family in the early days of the Nordanese-Sudhraian war. She stalks and intends to kill Lord Rue d'Ange, the first Sudhraian she sees after the bloody attack on her village. Instead, Rue captures her before she can carry out her plan. Rue recognizes the anger in Lilane and also the pain and vulnerability beneath it. He vows to turn her rage into sexual passion and knows just how to stoke her dark desires. As Rue seduces Lilane, he draws her into a dangerous bluff designed to win Nordan an edge in the war and gain protection for his hunted people, the Aviat. In the end Rue and Lilane might both lose their hearts... and perhaps their lives. Autumn Pleasures: The Union (Seasons of Pleasure #4) Lord Gregor of Nordan has never wanted a woman like he does Lady Anaisse of Sudhra. After the defeat of her homeland in the Sudhraian-Nordanese war, he makes the "sacrifice" of doing something completely against his country's tradition-taking her to wife. However, convincing her to allow him within her body, let alone her heart, will be another war entirely. Anaisse agrees to the arrangement out of duty to her country, but Gregor frightens her deeply. He seduces her repressed sexual desires to wild and beautiful life, and makes every one of her fantasies come true. Never has she met a man she could so easily lose herself to, body and soul-and losing herself to a man is her greatest fear. But another man lurks in the shadows with the sole purpose of destroying their union. He waits and watches with a mind grown twisted by the defeat of his people. His goal is to make Anaisse embrace death, instead of Gregor.

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