book cover of My Lady Captive

My Lady Captive

(The third book in the My Lady series)
A novel by

Lord Wyndham Hawkenge risks everything trying to save Lady Orelan from the hedonistic clutches of an old revival, Alexei Tropov. Orelan and Wyndham become ensnared within the decadent halls of Valcourt . . . unwilling players in Alexei's wicked games as Wyndham battles wits and danger trying free the young widow, Orelan. A lady whom he once dared to kiss at the tender age of sixteen, but now commands so much more from. 

Favorite Lines:

Wyndham ignored Alexei as he took his brazen kissing of Orèlan's lush lips and propositioned it into bedroom passion. Bending her flowing body over his arm as she clutched his shoulders and opened her honeyed mouth to his advancing tongue.

She was more the woman now, in the six years since he had seen her last. Tall, opulently curved at bosom, belly, and hips. But her mouth was the same. It had always been a sensual wish. Any man who looked upon her pouted lips could do nothing less than desire to ravish their erotic plumpness. She mewled, a soft ardent sound in the back of her throat. Thrilling. It was surrender, pleasure, and desire mixed as he twisted his larger tongue around the dainty petal of her tongue, while his free hand curled into the thickness of her black-sable hair. He was lost again . . . that quickly, even when he knew that he needed his wits about him.

Fallen Angel Review: Instead of primness and subtle courting, these novellas contain in-your-face eroticism and graphic sexuality. The plot is fast-moving, with subterfuge and lurking danger to punch it up.

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