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Wicked Play Part 7 of 10

(A book in the Wicked Play series)
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Part Seven of Ten

"You're ours."

Being with Allie and Seth is better than any fantasy Tyler could have imagined. But as much as Tyler knows Allie and Seth would never harm him, trust is hard to come by when the reminders of your past still run raw across your back. It'd be so easy to walk away rather than risk being hurt again, but the only thing more terrifying than being hurt by Allie and Seth is not being with them at all.

Allie can't deny the desire she feels for both Tyler and Seth. She longs to give in to the temptation they offer, but she hasn't ever been able to make a relationship work with one man - let alone two. And while there's the promise of double the pleasure, there's also the risk of double the hurt.

When they're together, there's only bliss, but outside The Den, the bond between Allie, Seth and Tyler is pushed to its limit. And even though what's between them feels so right, navigating their relationship as a trio won't be easy. It will be up to Seth to convince Tyler and Allie that under his command is where they both belong.

Behind the doors of Twin Cities' most exclusive BDSM club, The Den, pleasure reigns supreme. Here, every secret fantasy will be fulfilled, every forbidden desire granted, but only if you're brave enough to ask.

This installment is approximately 35,000 words

Kindle Editions

August 2016 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Wicked Play (Part 7 of 10)
Author(s): Lynda Aicher
Publisher: Carina Press
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU