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Huge Deal

(The second book in the Beyond Hyge series)
A novel by

When my brother’s best friends walk in on me engaging in self-love, they offer me a deal that I can’t refuse.
Why take care of my own pleasure, when they can do it for me? All I have to do is message, and they'll come running.
Kain, Blake, and Dalton were our neighbors growing up. Scrawny as kids, they always had cuts on their knees and mud on their shoes. They practically lived at our house and loved my brother, Travis, like family.
But now they’re grown, and things are very different.
Kain is the star running back of our college team, athletic and gorgeous with eyes like the ocean.
Blake has a love of art and is gradually covering his smooth tan skin with tattoos.
Dalton works in construction for their father’s business, honing his muscles to perfection.
They offer me a deal to meet all my kinky fantasies, whatever they might be. Until I find a boyfriend, of course. Then the deal will be off. In exchange, I have to keep what we’re doing a secret, especially from my brother. And cook dinner for them each day. It's a small price to pay.
And it works perfectly for all of us. Kain is available in the mornings before lectures and training. Dalton finishes work in the early evening, and Blake is a night owl. On weekends, they’re all available to rock my world, and I get to exercise both my culinary and bedroom skills!
I know I shouldn’t catch feelings for them. Our agreement is a temporary one, fun with no strings attached. Except, the more time that passes, the more I discover about my brother’s best friends and the less the deal seems to matter. They touch my body and my heart in ways I never imagined possible.
But will any of that matter when Travis returns?

HUGE DEAL is a brother's best friends reverse harem romance with a happy ever after ending. It's book 2 in Beyond Huge Series, standalone romances with characters who continue to make appearances!

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