book cover of The Yacht Girl

The Yacht Girl

A Novella by

Quinn is young, beautiful, and jaded, working lousy jobs along with her friends, with little ambition and not much thought for the future. She considered herself a perfectly ordinary girl, if somewhat hotter than most. But her sex life was pure vanilla, and mostly pretty boring. That was before she and several of her bored friends got involved with a deliciously thrilling game of bondage!

From there, she got introduced to Hannah, who recruited certain kinds of girls to attend the parties wealthy men threw on their yachts. Girls who are not just
willing to submit to their decadent and deviant desires, but who would thrill to them! Quinn discovered a side of herself she hadn’t imagined. Submission meant she didn’t have to make choices, didn’t have to assume any sense of guilt for defying society’s rules about how a good girl should act. And so, in bondage, she found the freedom to release her inhibitions and let her body wallow in the dark pleasure and heat the men were determined to give her. Among strangers, she didn’t need to worry about her reputation, about tales being told. For what happened on the yacht stayed on the yacht.

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