book cover of The Tomboy Submissive

The Tomboy Submissive

A Novella by

Kerry is tall, beautiful and athletic. With no tolerance for fools. She’d lost multiple jobs by letting both employers and customers know what she thought of them. Then she started working for Mitchel Patrick, a billionaire with his own intolerance for fools. A billionaire who demanded instant obedience. With a sleek, blonde secretary who helped enforce that obedience. Kerry usually chafed at discipline, but not this kind of discipline!

Kerry discovers a shocking attraction to being bound and helpless, to doing outrageous things before them and having outrageous things done to her! A scalding heat and passion she’d never have believed possible took her as she submitted to their kinky office games that had her literally crawling before them and eating out of their hands! An entire dark world of sexual submission drew her to each new thrilling experience. And absolute obedience was a small price to pay for that!

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