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The Inspector

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Teagan is bored with her crummy jobs, bored with having no money, no fun, and no real life. When the police raid a wild party soon after she arrives, everyone scatters and she falls into the swimming pool of a man who invites her in to get toweled off and call her ride. He’s twice her age and twice her size, but very attractive, and she figures she has little to lose. The man turns out to be a cop, and an Inspector, no less. And he doesn’t hide his desire to inspect her body. Teagan doesn’t consider herself easy, but gives in, intrigued by his confidence and attitude. What happens after that is an eye opener to her in more ways than one.

The Inspector introduces her to bondage and power games. And he’s so much better in just about everything he does to her body that she has a roller-coaster ride of passion, thrills and pleasure like none she’s ever had before. She is quickly addicted to it all, and brags to her friend Quinn, who soon wants to experience the same dark excitement. The Inspector is quick to accommodate her, pulling them into a scalding relationship of dominance and submission that will soon change their lives and leave the boredom behind.

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