book cover of Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct

(Book 14 in the Jamie McCloud series)
A novel by

Jamie is a gorgeous New York cop hoping to have an uneventful time while she and her super hot boyfriend text obscene messages to each other. Getting involved in a shootout was no part of her plan for the day, nor having vengeful gang members breaking into her apartment to get revenge afterward. Keeping all that from her boyfriend Danny is probably not a good idea, since Danny has this dominance and submission thing going and will certainly wind up punishing her. But then again his punishments always seem to lead to a lot more pleasure than pain. Her plan to distract him by wearing a very kinky set of bondage gear under her clothes goes awry when she's unexpectedly called to a meeting with an Assistant Chief downtown. When her outfit is discovered she's in for just the sort of punishment she hoped to avoid – though it too brings more pleasure than pain. Then she finds herself exiled to California to be bikini-clad bait for muggers and perverts along the beaches of San Diego. Jamie's life is getting way too complicated for someone who just wants to relax and enjoy life.

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