book cover of Disciplined by Mister Trask

Disciplined by Mister Trask

(The third book in the Owned by Mister Trask series)
A Novella by

Accepting a job to house sit a multimillion dollar condo was a no-brainer. When it turned out the owner's son would drop by one day a month while in town that put a slight damper on things, but only until the first visit. With awesome arrogance, he'd assumed he had the right to my body, and my obedience, and somehow managed to convince me of the same - sort of. He was incredibly hot, despite being older, and being older, well, I was used to obeying older people. But the amazing kinkiness of his dark games of domination and submission left me breathless, dazed, and helpless to say no! And every month things got darker and more outrageous!

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