book cover of Seduced by the Black Queen

Seduced by the Black Queen

(The first book in the My Cheating Elf Girlfriend series)
A Novella by

It was love at first sight when human warrior Caldric met beautiful elf witch Faylana. Unfortunately, everyone else falls in love with Faylana at first sight too.

Caldric Stonehands has set out for a life of adventure with his trusty dwarf friend Tavek. They want to leave their boring jobs behind and find adventure, danger, riches, and maybe even fame. So why are they clearing rats out of a tavern's basement? Things take a turn for the better when Caldric meets the gorgeous elf Faylana. She's a witch and also looking for a life of adventure. She's also very naive and has a libido that far exceeds that of a human.

The trio takes on their first real adventure and sets off to rescue some missing farm girls. Have these girls wandered off or have they been taken by a monster? Or is something else afoot? And most importantly, can Caldric keep every man that meets Faylana from having sex with her? Caldric, Faylana, and Tavek will search for the answers, pleasure, and even a little romance.

This is a light cuckolding fantasy for adults only featuring netorare naughtiness, lesbian lust, and orgasmic orgies.

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