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Lost on Oblivion

(Book 50 in the Kindred Tales series)
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Andi and her Kindred Protector crash land on a planet where all men lose their minds and are reduced to their most primal instincts to taste and mount their mates. Can Andi keep her new Primal Male at bay…or will she give in to the desire between them?

Andi Smyth has a PhD in Medicinal Botany…and a huge crush on her Kindred Protector, a tall, muscular Hybrid called Cade. But despite the obvious attraction between them, Cade will never make a move on her…and Andi can’t figure out why.

Cade knows his Hybrid status will keep him from being able to Bond with the curvy scientist he’s protecting, so he does his best to keep his distance—even though he wants her badly. But everything changes when the two of the crash land on Zo’rath Three—otherwise known as “Oblivion.”

There’s a reason for the planet’s ominous nickname—something in the air interferes with the thinking patterns of males. So the minute they touch down, Cade’s consciousness is reduced to its most primal state. Andi is left on a strange planet with a huge Kindred warrior who has
literally lost his mind. Cade is still very protective but his main instincts now are to taste and mount his mate—and he has totally forgotten any reservations he had about tasting Andi or taking her sexually.

Can the two of them survive in this strange new environment where all the women treat their men like pets and call them “Manimals?” And will Cade ever come back to his right mind? In the meantime, can Andi keep her new Primal male from tasting her and mating with her (even though she doesn’t really want to stop him?) You’ll have to read this fated mates, coworkers to lovers, primal male, touch her and die, spicy scifi romance, Lost on Oblivion, to find out!

Author’s Spice note—There are some extremely primal scenes in this book. Cade is big and strong and at times overpowers Andi when he isn’t in his right mind but Andi isn’t complaining. If that kind of thing isn’t for you, keep scrolling. But if you like spicy, primal action in your books, then Lost on Oblivion is for you! Enjoy. ; )

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