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(The fifth book in the Dark Promises series)
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Fifth book in the Dark Promises seriesHired to protect the younger sister of a good friend, vampire Wil Brogan thinks it's going to be a simple job. Go in, pull Becca out of harm's way, and bring her home to her family. But the second he sees her, he knows it's going to be anything but simple. She isn't the naive young woman her family remembers. She's a strong, bold woman who's anything but helpless and seeing her makes him want to forget the job and drag her to the nearest bed. He doesn't see the danger in letting his guard down until it's too late. Becca's much more than the seductive woman Wil first sees her for. She's a vampire hunter, and she plans to make him her next victim. He doesn't count on the chemistry between them. Chemistry that gives way to an attraction neither of them is prepared for. After a tragic relationship Wil had vowed to never get involved with a human woman again, and Becca has her own painful reasons to explain her hatred of vampires. Sometimes opposites shouldn't attract - and sometimes fate steps in and changes the rules.