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Flesh and Blood

(The fourth book in the Dark Promises series)
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Fourth in the Dark Promises series.A woman living a lie... Being a trophy wife doesn't seem like a terrible thing to Faith Richardson. She's taken care of and free to live her life on her terms. But life as the wife of a wealthy scientist isn't idyllic. Paul Richardson's work for a powerful - and dangerous - man has put both their lives in danger. By hiring a bodyguard he unwittingly brings death to their door. A deal with the devil... Faith's husband is murdered, and she is next. She turns to her husband's former bodyguard to escape certain death. He agrees to help - for a price. She must give him anything he wants.A dangerous obsession... The deal Faith offers Sam Kincaid is too tempting for him to pass up. The woman had become his obsession, and now she's making him an offer he'd never refuse.Faith is dangerous to him, threatening the very foundation of his world. He should push her away, but he can't. He intends to take her up on her offer, in ways she's never imagined. He wants everything from her.