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Eden's Curse

A Novella by

Bestselling horror author Trent Martin is on the run from a past that won't let him go. Acquitted of a murder that half the world still thinks he committed, he seeks solace in a tiny, quiet New England town. But the solitude doesn't last very long. The townspeople love to talk of a ghost of a beautiful woman who haunts the woods around his house. Legend has it that she seduces men, hurts them, even drives some of them insane. Trent doesn't believe in any of that. Not until he meets the ghost one night and falls under her spell.Eden, a woman under a curse she has to abide by in order to live. Nights of hot, unbridled passion follow, but in the light of day everything seems strange. He begins to wonder if he's meeting the ghost or if she is a figment of his fertile imagination. As time passes, pieces of the puzzle start to slide into place and Trent comes to a realization. His mystery woman is very real, but she isn't human. And allowing her into his bed, and his heart, could end up getting him killed.