book cover of Ursula\'s Revenge Book 2

Ursula's Revenge Book 2

(A book in the Ursula's Revenge series)
A novel by

Emma has twice managed to outwit Ursula and avoid the cruel fate that Ursula had planned for her but Ursula takes no chances this time.
This story was the first of the Ursula series that continued the Emma books published by Nexus and written by Allan Aldiss under the name of Hilary James. It, too, was written in conjunction with the real life Emma, a young married woman. It is based on her own true adventures whilst in the power of Ursula, a strict and terrifyingly ruthless woman, whose blandishments she can never quite shake off.
Ursula operates in a secret world in which, beautiful and outwardly independent young women are secretly the submissive and willing playthings a coterie of rich and dominant ladies. The Mistresses, in turn, enjoy not only the intense physical pleasure they obtain from their girls, but also the feeling of power that control over their protégées gives them.

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