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Half My Age, Times Two!

A collection of stories by

What's the only thing better than my forty year old girlfriend?
Two twenty year old women...

Things were moving along in my life. My girlfriend, Steph, had just asked me to move in with her. The only problem was that she also offered for twenty year old Kayla to move in with her as well, fresh off a semester in a Parisian college.

She didn't know what Kayla and I had done on the edge of the pool a few months ago. She didn't know that Kayla intended to keep the affair going when she showed back up. And she certainly didn't know that Kayla was planning on bringing me a gift- her girlfriend from France, the sexy Aurelie.

When these two ladies half my age showed me that they were as into each other as they were into me, I knew that I was about to get in trouble. How can one say no to two girls half their age?

This 5000 word sequel features a middle aged man and two hot girls whose ages add up to his.

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