book cover of Breeding My Coworker\'s Daughter

Breeding My Coworker's Daughter

A Novella by

I know how you can get back at Daddy...

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You know that guy who works at your office? The one with the perfect life who seems happy in his job while you remain miserable? When his daughter comes to the office after getting in trouble, now is your chance to finally get back at him, by impregnating his perky daughter!

This 5000 word story features a bad girl, a worse employee, rough sex in the office, torn underwear, and a delicious creampie!

"Excuse me..." a small voice came from behind me. I turned around, and just about jumped out of my chair. It was her, the girl I had fantasized about so many times. I quickly looked her up and down, wondering if she was really there, or if the stress of my life had finally made me go insane. She was wearing a knee length purple tartan skirt, and a white button up shirt under a purple sweater. Hadn't Jim said something about her going to an all girl's school? This must be their uniform, I reasoned. I looked up at her face, and it was even more angelic than I had imagined.

Her voice lowered to a whisper. "Part of me wants to do something that will prove to Daddy that I'm not his little girl anymore." The words she uttered, the hands on my legs, the look of rebellion in her eyes, it all made my heart race faster and faster. I knew her father wasn't going to be out of his cubicle forever, especially if he was expecting his daughter to be there any minute, so I made the only move I thought would work.
"I think I know how you can get back at Daddy."

"You want to get back at Daddy," I said.
She nodded, biting her lip.
"Ok," I said, "I can help you get back at Daddy." I closed the distance between the two of us, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her in for a kiss. She was instantly into it, putting her hands on my massively muscled chest and sticking her tongue in my mouth. I could feel the tension in my life melting away as I made out with this girl twenty years younger than me.
I pulled at the bottom of her sweater, lifting it over her head. I could see through her shirt that her tits were even bigger than I thought they'd be, easily C-cups and possibly D-cups. She pushed me back and unbuttoned each button of her undershirt, then pulled the shirt open, confirming that she didn't wear a bra that day. Her tits were huge, with erect nipples that pointed towards the North Star.
I looked Jim's little girl up and down once, drinking in the delicious sight, then moved back in. I went in for another kiss and this time put my hands on her tits, grabbing and pinching her nipples right away. When I pulled away, she leaned her head back, and I kissed down her neck and took those beautiful tits in my mouth. I devoured them, sucking on each nipple and rubbing the other with my hand. She was obviously enjoying this, putting her hands down my back. She had no fucking idea what she was getting herself into...

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