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This book is out of print from the publisher, but the titles are/will be available on Kindle, being reissued by the author. Look for The Hunters Byron and Kit, available now. The Hunters: Jonathan and Lori, coming soon.

The Hunters - Byron and Kit By Shiloh Walker Book 3 in The Hunters series

Byron made a promise to his old friend, to take care of the Inherent's daughter. The child has grown up to be an amazing woman. Byron never expected her to take on the duties of helping to run his territory, and he certainly never expected to ache with desire for her. The most amazing thing of all happens when, feeling guilty, he tries to send her away. That night, Byron finds Kit in his bed.

The Hunters - Jonathan and Lori By Shiloh Walker Book 4 in The Hunters series

Seven years have passed since an unknown enemy made an attempt on their lives. It has been seven longer since Lori gave her heart to the dark, brooding Hunter who serves at his Master's side. She has held an iron grip on the emotions that rage as other women lie beside him. Though the need for her burns in his very soul, Jonathan, Hunter of the Council, refuses to accept Lori, the enclave's Healer. Feeling he does not deserve her, he fears the darkness in his being will destroy them both. When Jonathan is injured, they are thrown together. She is touching him, tempting him. Jonathan will have to acknowledge that what he sees is not always what is. If he cannot, he will lose everything. The battles are beginning, the enemy has returned. To aid their cause, they seek to enslave the dark soul and devastating strength of a powerful werewolf. Evil is stalking Jonathan...

Paperback Editions

April 2005 : USA Paperback

Title: The Hunters: Interlude (Books 3 & 4)
Author(s): Shiloh Walker
ISBN: 1-4199-5066-5 / 978-1-4199-5066-7 (USA edition)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU