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Feral Fixation

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Witch's Choice By Delilah Devlin Two men. . .a wolf. . .and a witch. . .Gisele, "The Witch of Grimoult", has ended a long vow of celibacy taken to ensure her independence from any man. However, her new lover, Tibor the sheriff, isn't any real threat. His reputation among the ladies assures her he won't be a possessive man. After a wolf threatens her livelihood, she seeks aid from the new Lord Grim, never anticipating his price will be a night in his bed! What's a maiden to do? Lord Grim's possessive stare and fierce loving make her crave her captor and his mastery of her body. When the sheriff is bitten by the wolf, only her cure will save him from becoming a monster. Loving both men can't be so wrong. Shewolf By Myla Jackson In an effort to calm the gang wars between rival werewolf packs in Memphis, Lyka is promised to the opposing pack's leader by her oldest brother. When she's stood up at her engagement party by her "chosen" fiance, Lyka is granted one night in Memphis to find her own mate. One night to fall in love and have that love returned. Her destination is the Three Dog Night, an exclusive Beale Street club. Lyka meets and seduces Rafael, a dark and ultra-sexy werewolf not averse to her advances. Lyka is torn between following her heart and doing what will preserve peace in the city. Will their one night of animal passion be their only night together? Familiar Pleasures By Jory Strong Savant and Sunder are in the witch-lands searching for a wife they can share-a woman who will please them both and yet not object to the pleasure they find in each other. After six months of travel, it seems like they're on a fool's errand-until Savant's snow leopard familiar catches her scent and chooses their mate for them. For Aysa Douay it's time to claim a familiar and seek a husband. While most women stay close to the village and take cats or songbirds as familiars, Aysa believes a falcon's sudden appearance is a sign she'll find her familiar in the mountains. Little

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