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Full Disclosure

(A book in the Midsummer's Night Steam series)
A Novella by

Her boyfriend is back... and that's a major problem. Antonia isn't ready to face the one man who shakes up her world...

A Midsummer Night's Steam story

Antonia doesn't need to look at forbidden fruit. The taste still clings to her lips, haunting her with just how good she and Danton had been together...

... Right up until he informed her that he had to get married because he was going to be a father. That just made it worse. Inside him was a man worth dreaming about, even if she knew it was in vain.

Danton always double-checked his facts. It was a habit that kept him alive during missions that should have killed him. His impromptu wedding was no exception. There wasn't going to be any consummation of the vows until he had a paternity test. But doing the right thing had cost him the one woman he loved.

Until the test came back negative. Now there is nothing that will stop him from coming back with the prize he'd been forced to abandon three months ago. Toni was going to be his, right after she got the full disclosure on his hasty wedding and the blunt fact that he loved her.

Warning: Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language and bondage bedroom games with toys.

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